For First Time Users

• Review grantmaking priorities, informational resources, eligibility and application process guidelines.

• Create an account. Access the online grant application here.

• Select one login email address/password to be used for all your submissions.

• Provide the email address of the person ultimately responsible for the grant administration. The HealthComp Foundation will communicate all pertinent information to this email address.

• PLEASE NOTE: the email address and password you choose is for your organization and not you as an individual. The email and password will enable you and other staff members to save and return to an application, and it will be used to complete the grant report form if a grant is awarded. In addition, every application and report that your organization submits, from this point on will be accessible by using this email address and password.

• If you outsource your grant writing, set up your sign-in and provide the grant writer with access to your account. The contract grant writer should never use your organization’s account for other organizations’ applications. The same email address cannot be used for more than one organization.