Our Priorities (draft)

The Foundation’s 2019 grantmaking strategy includes both proactive and responsive funding priorities aligned with our mission of accelerating a healthy community in Northeast Ohio.

Proactive Grantmaking

Our proactive grantmaking focuses on supporting efforts to promote the community’s understanding of priority health needs and to convene resources to address them. Grant applications aligned with this strategy are by invitation only.

Responsive Grantmaking

Through our responsive grantmaking, the Foundation supports programs that improve the quality of life for individuals in poverty. In particular, the Foundation seeks to address social determinants of health (systems and structures) through the creation of social and physical environments that promote good health for all. Programs aimed at advancing health equity will receive priority consideration.

The 2019 responsive grant application is now closed. Check back in early 2020 for information about the next grant cycle.

We offer the following informational resources to assist grantseekers in understanding key elements of our grantmaking priorities:

Health Disparities

Health Equity