Attachment Checklist


All attachments must be PDFs.

Cover Letter*
Signed cover letter from both Executive Director AND Board Chair
File Size Limit: 1 MiB

Program/Project Budget*
The budget must include all expenses for the program/project and all pending and committed sources of income. Please specify which funding has been secured and which is pending. If the request is for a specific component of a program, please include the entire program budget and not just what is requested in the application. Also specify what is requested from the HealthComp Foundation.
Document must be one page in length only, in portrait/vertical orientation. File Size Limit: 2 MiB

Board-Approved Operating Budget*
Board-approved operating budgets showing actual income and expenses for the last complete fiscal year and projected for the current fiscal year. File Size Limit: 5 MiB

Board of Trustees List*
Please include organizational affiliations. File Size Limit: 2 MiB

Audited Financial Statement or IRS Form 990*
Most recent audited financial statement, including management letter (or Form 990 tax return, ONLY if the organization is not required to perform an audit). File Size Limit: 8 MiB

Collaboration Letter/Letter of Support (optional)
If the proposal involves a partnership with one or more entities, a letter of support from the partner entities should be included. File Size Limit: 2 MiB

Addtional Collaboration Letter/Letter of Support (optional)
Please include any additional letter of support if applicable. File Size Limit: 2 MiB